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In most cases a fret dress will solve most fret problems on a guitar or bass so firstly your instrument will be examined to determin weither  it will benifit from a re-fret.
When re-fretting firstly you have to remove the old frets with minimum damage to the fingerboard, this is very difficult if not impossible on some guitar necks as hard wood fingerboards such as ebony is almost garanteed to splinter when removing old frets. After this stage the fret slots need to be cleaned, any old glue removed and any chips repaired. The fingerboard is then examined for any inperfections and corrected with the correct radius block.
The next stage is to prepare the new fret wire for installing firstly the wire is bent to the correct radius using a machine called a fret bender then cut to size leaving about 5mm overhang. If the guitar neck is bound then the tang on the fret wire will need to be removed to behind the binding, if not the tang is removed to 2mm prior to the edge of the fingerboard, this is to allow filling the fret slot edges at a later stage.
The fret wire is then pressed or hammered home and each fret is examined to ensure that it is seated correctly and a tight fit is acheived if not the frets will be firmly glued into position.The edges of the frets are then trimed and the ends filed to 33 degree angle and polished. The slot egdes are then filled and any laquer repaired.
A re-fret is always followed up by a fret dress and a full set-up.

Please check out me performing a re-fret in the video below :-