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Job Description
Customer asked me to perform a setup on his PRS, as always with a setup I checked Intonation, trem tension, Action, pickup hieght, Nut clearance, neck relief and generaly checked the instrument for any other problems.
I found Action too low causing fret buzz and making playability difficult and neck was found to be at a slight back bow, also bridge radius was set wrong.

I reset string height to 1.5mm high E to 2mm Low E, and set neck relief to 0.2mm at the 7th fret. I also set the bridge radius to match fingerboard radius. I then finish with a fret polish, clean, apply lem oil to fingerboard, fit new strings,  then i play test the instrument before polishing and handing back to the customer.

"Daz did a great job on my PRS - I bought the guitar second hand from Ebay and was never 100% happy with how the guitar played - After Daz had inspected it I was surprised to find out that the action was actually set to low.

Daz did me a while you wait set up on the guitar and I was amazed at just how much work he did on the instrument for just £30. It was more like a full service as well as a set-up.

The guitar was polished - plus every individual fret cleaned, the neck was polished with lem oil. The attention to detail was amazing and when I got my hands on the guitar after the set-up, I was delighted with the results - no more fret buzz or choking - perfect - thank you very much."