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Job Description
The customer arrived at my workshop with an epiphone which he had brought via mailorder, his guitar had received some transit damage and was badly in need of a set-up.
All tension on the guitar had been loosened, this is a common practice when sending instruments vai mail order to avoid damage in transit. Unfortantly most suppliers neglect to inform consumers that the instrument will arrive needing a set-up.
After fully inspecting the guitar i found that the brigde pickup volume pot was damaged as well as the knob, Also the frets where fitted poorly and unlevel.

I replaced the volume pot and knob, Performed a fret dress and a complete set-up. As a result the guitar played beautifully and the customer was extremly happy with his new guitar.

"I bought the guitar from an online retailer - when it arrived it was obvious the guitar needed a professional set-up - the Floyed Rose was barely useable and it had a steep incline angle on the guitar body, the action was also very high.

Daz set up the Floyed Rose perfectly as well as a fret dress resulting in a lovely low action with no fret buzz what so over."

This is now one of my most favourite guitars to play - I would recommend Daz to set up your guitar - 100%.