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Just to follow up on the work you did for me recently on my Gibson and Martin guitars. The results of your efforts were amazing. The Les Paul was so good I could have carried on playing it all night - just a beautiful action - and it stays in tune now !

My £500 Martin acoustic now plays and feels like a guitar costing over 3 times as much. I know because I took it to Guitar Guitar in Birmingham last week when I went to chose a new electro-acoustic guitar.  Eventually, I bought a Breedlove Cascade cutaway model - the action was great and it sounded superb through an amp.

My wife and I took several guitars into a sound booth and tested them out. We used my old Martin as a benchmark. Expensive Martin guitars and Taylor guitars were crossed off the list when we both agreed that they sounded no better than the one you'd fettled for me. The Breedlove sounded nicer than the Epiphone when played acoustically and plugged in.

They did have one guitar, a Collings, that was stunning to play - but then at £5000 it ought to have sounded OK. The manager played my old Martin and was well impressed with the set up - he was hoping I'd offer to trade it in. No chance.

Again, many thanks for what you did for me. I'll have to bring my Fender Start and my Washburn acoustic over to you to let you work your magic on them. 

Very best regards

Mike C   

Having recently purchased a new schecter blackjack I found that I was struggling to get to grips with the jumbo frets so the only solution for me was to have a refret. Having trawled the yellow pages & the internet I was becoming somewhat disheartened with most of the places in my area that could carry out the work either the work was to costly or they wanted my guitar for up to a month. Then I came across D L POVEY GUITARS wow what a find. Daz was really friendly & informative & talked me through my options which I decided on the full refret, I must admit I was a little apprehensive as I suppose we all are especially as my axe was only 3 months old.  Daz reassured me the guitar would be as good as new & he didn’t let me down. The price was very competitive & he only had my guitar for 3 days, it now plays an absolute dream & when I picked it up it was spotless had a full setup new strings & as he promised you couldn’t tell it had a refret, I had gone from 1.2mm fret wire to 0.7mm. Have used the guitar now for 4 months & use it at weekly practice & have done 9 gigs & not one tuning issue, the action & playability have remained spot on. Cheers daz for a job well done, rest assured I’ll be using you in the future & passing your name on.
Thanks again
Dave Moss

Really pleased with the Bone nut my tone is much better and the fret buzz has completly gone setup is also spot on, if i have any more troubles with future guitars i will be in touch cheers daz

Wow, thats awesome tone daz its perfect thanks mate

setups were great floyd rose now stays in perfect pitch even after heavy dive bombing thankyou

wow action is perfect and no fret buzz only thing buzzing now is me lol, its hard to believe that a gibson studio would have such uneven frets :-(  but all sorted now thanks to povey guitars
thanks daz

carn't thank you enough for my custom built PRS everything is amazing tone, sustain, playability and over all finish carnt fault it in anyway I would recomend anyone to have a Povey Custom. And Surprisingly much Cheaper than you would expect to pay for a hand made Custom Guitar And That even included a quilted maple top and brazilian mohogany body "AMAZING"

"Wow - thank you so much - I think my Rush inspired Les Paul would make Alex Lifeson himself drool!
I saw the build from start to completion and I am amazed with the quality of the finished item - the attention to detail is superb and the colour perfect. I just can't put this guitar down"

I first approached DL Povey Guitars after having a custom built PRS style guitar which had a few issues with frets and board radius. After receiving a great serviceI was willing to trust Daz with my vintage Gibson Les Paul. I asked Daz to restore the guitar to the original state as it was unplayable and suffered from a lot of wear and tear. When I picked up the guitar it was as new and played mint. Much work was undertaken on this guitar and I was impressed on how quick I received the guitar back. As a result I will only use DL Povey Guitars in the future.

I suffer from P.T.S.D.and am learning to play guitar as a part of my care and rehabillitation plan. I bought a Fender Starcaster and found it to be a decent guitar to play, Daz sorted the fret board out, lowered the action, gave it a thorough fettling and turned a basic guitar into something special.Now she is a positive joy to play, I can play her for longer periods with a lot less pain in the fingers!
Not only did he do all that at a very reasonable cost but he called, collected the guitar and returned it the next day having worked on it most of the night, thus reducing my stress levels at having the guitar gone. I can heartily recommend Daz's craftmanship, skills, customer care and good humour. I hear that he play's a mean guitar himself...what better recommendation can there be?