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Guitar set-up

Guitar set-up
The main purpose of a set-up is to get your instrument to perform at its best this is weither your guitar/bass is a buget
or a very expensive instrument.
Be rest assured either will be treated with equal care and attention.A bad set-up can often be the cauce of problems such as poor playing ability, tuning problems and fret-buzz, all these symptoms can also be caused by other problems with your instrument. Because of this your instument will be fully assessed on arrival and your permission obtained before any work is carried out,at this point i will also discuss which strings you prefer and type of action you require.
The set-up process is obviously different depending on your instruments construction and hardware type.

Q;- When am i likely to benifit from a set-up?

A;- You may not be aware of this but most new guitars/basses will require a set-up,This is because when a guitar/bass is manufactured very few leave the factory having had a proper set-up, also very few shops will perform a set-up when you purchase a new instrument although it is there responsability to do so this is mainly because they do not employ staff with the knowledge to do a proper set-up.
You would also benifit from a set-up if you are experiancing any of the problems mentioned above,or if you change your string gauge.It is advisable to get a set-up as the seasons change as your instument is made from wood, and wood will move around with humidity change just like that door that keeps sticking every winter.

Please check out me doing a set-up on a PRS in the video below