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Resprays/custom finishes

Finishing a guitar is neither easy or a quick process, I use nitrocellulose paints, oils or waterbourne dyes, any type of finish can be undertaken. There are many ways and methods of finishing your instrument, so I will descibe the stages of a typical sunburst finish.
Asuming the instrument is already at the untreated wood stage, the first process is to apply 2 coats of wash coat (this is a sealing process), after applying the wash coat I allow it to dry for 24hrs, after a light sanding with 800grit paper grain filler is the applied to the open grained timber for example Mohagany (this process may need to be repeated), two coats of laquer is then applied and allowed to dry for 24hrs and lightly sanded with 1000grit paper.
Your instrument is now ready for some colour, the lightest colour is applyed first mormaly 2-3 coats then allowed to dry for 24hrs, after a light sanding with 1000grit paper the darker colour is then applied to the edge of the instument (no more than 2-3inches in) blending in to the lighter colour, this also takes 2-3 coats then allowed to dry for 24hrs, At this stage any over spray dust has to be removed but sanding into colour is avoided. A further 2-3 coats of the dark colour is the applied to the very edge of the instrument (no more than 1inch in), as before over spray is removed after allowing to dry for 24hrs, 8-12 coats of laquer is then applied allowing 24hrs between coats and sanding with 1000grit after each coat. Final coat is then sanded with 1200grit, 1500grit, 2000grit and then 2500grit. At this point the instrument is allowed to cure for 14 days before the final buffing/polishing, a further 14 days cureing time is needed before fitting hardware.
Your instrument is now tough enough to withstand everyday useage.

The whole process takes around 6-8 weeks so please consider this when asking for a new spray finish.

Please take a look at the video showing the different stages of a spray finish below:-