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IBANEZ Alterations

The customer arrived in the shop stating that he loved his Ibanez, but was having trouble with the Floyd Rose system that was fitted, He told me that he was resting his hand to heavily on the bridge whilst playing and it was making the guitar go out of tune. He was also unhappy with the colour and asked if it was possible to spray the guitar black, fit a fixed tremelo and could i fit chrome hardware instead of the existing black hardware.

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Paul Reed Smith CE24 Set up

Customer asked me to perform a setup on his PRS, as always with a setup I checked Intonation, trem tension, Action, pickup hieght, Nut clearance, neck relief and generaly checked the instrument for any other problems.
I found Action too low causing fret buzz and making playability difficult and neck was found to be at a slight back bow, also bridge radius was set wrong.

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Epiphone Les Paul Pro FX Set up and fret dress

The customer arrived at my workshop with an epiphone which he had brought via mailorder, his guitar had received some transit damage and was badly in need of a set-up.
All tension on the guitar had been loosened, this is a common practice when sending instruments vai mail order to avoid damage in transit. Unfortantly most suppliers neglect to inform consumers that the instrument will arrive needing a set-up.
After fully inspecting the guitar i found that the brigde pickup volume pot was damaged as well as the knob, Also the frets where fitted poorly and unlevel.

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Gibson Les Paul Custom restoration

After doing several jobs on this customers other guitars he had often spoken of a vintage Gibson that he had purchased as a investment he told me of how he would love to be able to play it but this was not possible as the instrument was unplayable and if he changed it in anyway it would lose value.
I suggested that i would have a look at the guitar for him as there was certain things you can do without loseing value.

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